Massively Affected: A Journey’s Importance ft. Trevor Starkey

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Trevor Starkey

Welcome to Massively Affected, where I, Josh Silverman, bring on a guest and ask them the not-so-simple question: Why Mass Effect?

This week I’m joined by Trevor Starkey, founder of That Nerdy Site and host of That Nerdy Site Show, That D+ Show, and more. On the episode, Trevor discussed his origins in the Mass Effect fandom, fueled by a crush on a certain super-spy actress. From their we talked about the experience of hopping in with Mass Effect 2 from the perspective of a Shepard with memory issues, and talked about Mass Effect 3 and how the journey is what’s important, not the end—or ending—itself. I also was able to slip in my love of Mass Effect Andromeda, though we did dive deep into my and Trevor’s issues with the game, namely how much smaller the new galaxy felt!

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