Third-Person Shooter ‘Farlight 84’ Looks to Challenge Fortnite in 2022

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Farlight 84

Look out Fortnite; Farlight 84 is on its way to steal your throne. Farlight 84, a new PvP third-person shooter from Shanghai-based team Lilith Games, is poised to capture the attention of fans of persistent shooters when it comes to iOS, Android, and PC in 2022.

Farlight 84 takes place in a chaotic wasteland world and seems to take clear inspiration from the world-dominating game Fortnite. Fortnite clone this is not, however; Farlight 84 plans to set itself apart from its contemporaries through innovative gameplay modes, a hero system, and more.

HUNT, the main game mode in Farlight 84, is going the be what draws most players to the game. In HUNT, players drop into a 48 player PvP frenzy. Players will be divided into teams, each with a rival they must hunt in order to win the match. Each team is also being hunted, however, so things will get chaotic pretty fast. HUNT is also unique in that more than one team can “win.” If you get to an evacuation point after taking out the target, you win, but staying around longer will give more rewards in the long run. The game mode’s map will be 1.2km and consist of a number of different points of interest. The map will also feature AI-controlled monsters such as zombies that players can fight when not engaging in PvP.

“We’re excited for players to discover our innovative HUNT mode in Farlight 84, which provides an unprecedented experience for fans of the genre, Our game offers a thrilling take on the third-person shooter, with intuitive rules and fresh mechanics, which we can’t wait for players to discover early next year,” Jiujan Jeremy Liu, Senior Technical Game Designer at Lilith Games, said in a press release. “While Lilith Games is known for our impeccable RPG and strategy games, we’ve taken our learned experience from these previous releases and built a world-class team to create an original feature-rich and premium-quality shooter.”

Farlight 84
Farlight 84 in-game footage

Vehicles are poised to play an important role in Farlight 84’s gameplay. The game currently features seven vehicles in three classes” ATV/SUV, Walkers, and Hover vehicles. Some vehicles are simply used for transportation, while others will be walking weapons. Weapons in Farlight 84 are most akin to those seen in the Borderlands series. Weapons both real and fictitious will be featured in the game, each with a different “brand” that makes it unique. Additionally, each player will don one of 11 different jetpacks, each with different styles and characteristics.

Farlight 84 will feature a number of different playable heroes, each with their own abilities and specializations. Though the whole roster has not yet been released, we’ve seen a few (such as Maggie the Pizza Delivery Girl, Vincent the Garbageman, and Rob the Duckseid) and they all look full of personality.

The game is currently set for an early 2022 release and will have a closed beta that will begin on June 15. The beta will be available in France, Russia, Australia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia, with additional regions following shortly thereafter. A second closed beta will follow later this year.

Lilith Games is best known for mobile RPG and strategy titles such as AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms, and Warpath. Farlight 84 will be their first third-person shooter, with a team of more than 200 working on the game.

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