Let’s Build a Zoo, The Next No More Robots Game

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Lets Build a Zoo

No More Robots, the publishing label best known for Descenders, Yes, Your Grace, and Hypnospace Outlaw,  revealed their latest game today! Let’s Build a Zoo, a zoo management sim with over 300,000 animal types to breed and bond with, coming this summer.

From development studio Springloaded Games, Let’s Build a Zoo puts you in charge of your own animal sanctuary, where you can build beautiful enclosures and fill them with a whole host of different animals. It’s your choice whether to be an eager beaver with grand designs or let it all descend into otter chaos.

Let’s Build a Zoo truly lets you go wild, with hundreds of animals to breed and import, tons of buildings, foliage, decorations, and path types to spruce up your monkey business, and plenty of staff options for keeping your animals happy, and your guests entertained.

And if that’s not enough to seal the deal, Let’s Build a Zoo has an even greater wild side. Utilizing futuristic DNA splicing mechanics, this zoo sim lets you go bananas and splice together any two animals, with over 300,000 combinations possible. Ever wondered what a Crocoduck or an Owlybara might look like? Now you can find out!

It’s not all cheerful panda-ing, though, as the game can get pretty dark if you let it. Sure, you can build a loving environment for your animals, guests, and staff… but with a fully-fledged morality system, you have the choice to go down an evil path, work your staff to the bone, and essentially turn your zoo into a meat factory. Oh deer, oh deer.

Let’s Build a Zoo will be available this summer, with a closed PC beta happening very soon. All the details can be found here.


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