Nerds Social Club – Episode 98

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Episode 98

Episode 98, and this week considerably quiet. The guys were joined this week by Austen from Trashed Talk Podcast, and of course there was the Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale to dive into.

The guys shared some of the shows and films they’ve been watching this week. As the guest of the week, Austen jumped in first as he talked about Attack on TitanInvincible, and The Last Dance (the Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix). The latter topic really got the lads chatting about the joy of a great sports documentary and what really pulls them in.

Aaron had watch Thunder Force, and Raised by Wolves. Neither really stoked his fires, as his main attention was really taken up by the season finales of For All Mankind, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Ped watched Stowaway on Netflix, and as the theme of the week goes, he was massively disappointed with it. There’s never dull moment however, as the guys launch into the topic of the variety Netflix films available, and where some of them tend to succeed, and suffer.

As always the fellas get into the news of the week, and all of the latest trailers.

You don’t want to miss episode 98!

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