New Paladins Champion Vatu Revealed in Cinematic Trailer

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Hi-Rez Studios announced today that this May, Vatu will be joining the free-to-play fantasy team shooter Paladins as the latest Champion of the Realm.

Vatu belongs to the shadows—he is the Shadow—until it is time for him to strike. Then, in the blink of an eye, you may catch the glint of a Kunai. But it is already too late. Behind every door of the mind is the fear of the darkness in the corner of a dimly lit room. It is the unknown — the terror without a form, but with a name: the Shadow.

Vatu’s origins are shrouded in the same shadow he uses as a weapon. He is the knife in the night, ending an eternal conflict – he is the untimely death, never confirmed as accidental. He and the Thousand Hands guild have an understanding: they provide him with work and money, and he takes care of their problems. The only thing clear in his actions are his desire to protect his Ska’Drin people and his deadly capability to do so.

Wielding sharp Kunai and mysterious shadow magic, Vatu takes care of business with a ruthless efficiency matched only by his strict code of ethics. His are not the eyes you want to see staring back at you from the darkness, for by that time, it is already too late.

More details are available on the Paladins website following the Update Show happening on Twitch on April 28, at 12pm EDT.




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