Into the Spider-Cast Episode 27: “The Anarchic Spider-Man” (2018)

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To close out Black History Month, CJ and Swara discuss the first full appearance of Hobie Brown of Earth-138, AKA The Anarchic Spider-Man, AKA Spider-Punk, in “Edge of Spider-Geddon” #1 from 2018. Why is Hobie, Anarchic Spider-Man, such a great character that feels relevant for our times? How does this comic do a good job of exploring oppressive systems on the marginalized and why we must resist them, whatever dimension that we’re in? Before that, we discuss the news of Spider-Man 3’s new title, “No Way Home,” what it might mean for MCU Peter, how we think WandaVision is going to affect that film and the MCU at large, and much more!

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Spoilers for WandaVision from 5:44-9:55

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