To The Rescue! Finds its Forever Home on Nintendo Switch, Steam in Late 2021

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To The Rescue!

To The Rescue!, the heartfelt dog shelter management simulator from developer Little Rock Games and publisher Freedom Games, sets an Autumn 2021 release window for Nintendo Switch alongside Steam on Windows PC and Mac.

Build a shelter and help stray pups find good new homes with loving families. Construct an ideal environment to meet the needs of man’s best friend and maximize their chances to be adopted. Caring for dozens of doggos is rewarding, but the mission has its share of challenges as well.

Every pooch has its own personality. It’s important to get to know each dog and find out what makes them unique. People have their preferences too, so learning what they’re looking for in a pupper is critical when making matches that will last a lifetime.

Between visits from potential pet parents, there’s never a dull moment. Shelters have plenty of mouths to feed, and treating illnesses like kennel cough is always a concern. Then there are logistics to worry about. It takes no shortage of supplies to keep the operation up and running.

Meanwhile, someone has to manage the finances and make sure to keep the lights on. Shelters need to be thrifty and make hard decisions. Hiring staff and dealing with investors is as much a part of the job as scritching Rex behind the ears and giving Fido belly rubs. There can be tough times, but helping dogs find their forever homes is always worth it at the end of the day.

“The challenges dog shelters and their volunteers face every day truly inspire us,” said Olivia Dunlap, co-founder, Little Rock Games. “It’s a setting we felt was ripe for exploration in games and we look forward to bringing this world to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year.”

To The Rescue! will be available in late 2021 for Nintendo Switch as well as Steam on PC and Mac for $19.99. The development team pledges 20 percent of profits to pet shelters. Check out the trailer for this adorable game.

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