The Newest Online Trend Turns Deadly in Dark Horse Founder, Mike Richardson’s Newest Graphic Novel

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Dark Horse Comics announces a new graphic novel from writer Zack Keller (Cuphead Volume 1: Comic Capers & Curios, Death Head), with an original story by Mike Richardson (Jia and the Nian Monster, The Mask), and art by Doug Wheatley (AVP: Thicker than Blood, Star Wars: Dark Times), Creeping takes you on a horrifying journey where fun and mischief take a shocking turn into the ultimate fight for survival.

“Creeping” is sweeping across social media—a dangerous online trend that dares participants to spend the night at a frightening location—from crumbling cemeteries to derelict morgues. As more people join in, the competition increases—who can outdo the latest scary destination? One group of thrill-seekers is determined to find the most terrifying place in the world—and an abandoned medieval fortress-turned-asylum fits the bill, but they soon realize they are in for more than they bargained for.

“I caught the end of a news clip about college kids staying overnight in an abandoned house, and that got me thinking about a new story—a fad in which people sought out the scariest places to camp while live-streaming themselves. The fad, “creeping,” turns into a competition as each group seeks to outdo the last. What could be more frightening than an abandoned asylum avoided by locals for 100 years? Of course, this location has a secret…I pitched it to Zack, who had just written Death Head, and we were off! Doug Wheatley’s interest in illustrating was a big plus for bringing the story to life, and I’m so glad fans will see the horrors the team created.”—Mike Richardson.

Creeping trade paperback will be in comic shops on October 13, 2021, and in book stores on October 26, 2021. It is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at your local comic shop. Creeping retails for $19.99. You can pre-order or purchase it through our ComiXology link.


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