PREVIEW: DC’s Crime Syndicate #1 Returns This Tuesday

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Crime Syndicate

DC’s Crime Syndicate Returns in “The New Deal” Part 1: Strange Visitor.  Spinning out of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the DC Multiverse is reborn, and with it a new Earth-3! What if the Justice League decided to rule the world instead of protecting it?

A paranoid titan (Ultraman), a narcissist (Super Woman), a nihilist (Owlman), a broken moral compass (Power Ring/Emerald Knight), a sociopath (Johnny Quick), and a sadist (Atomica). Does the world stand a chance? Spoiler alert: No. No, it does not. Writer Andy Schmidt and artist Kieran McKeown’s new Crime Syndicate mini-series arrives next Tuesday, March 2, to tell the origin of the evil Justice League from Earth-3! Witness the true origins of the malevolent makers of mayhem known as the Crime Syndicate as a common foe unites them! But how long can alliances last between villains like these?

“Kieran and I were given a once-a-lifetime opportunity to build a world from the ground up,” said writer Andy Schmidt. “We’re establishing the Crime Syndicate’s origin story for the first time—how and why they came together. And we’re not taking it lightly. You’ll find that you’ve entered a fully realized world—this is the story of the Crime Syndicate, but it’s also the story of Earth-3, and it moves fast and pulls no punches.”

Also, in this debut issue, witness the origin of Ultraman in our special backup story drawn by superstar artist Bryan Hitch!

Crime Syndicate by Andy Schmidt and Kieran McKeown is a six-issue mini-series debuting on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, with a cover by Jim Cheung and a variant cover by Skan. You can pre-order or purchase it through our ComiXology link.




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