Exclusive Yoshitaka Amano Bleed Them Dry Trade Paperback Cover

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Vault Comics and Books Kinokuniya are thrilled to announce a very special, limited edition Kinokuniya exclusive trade paperback edition of Bleed Them Dry with cover art by legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano. This unique printing is limited to 100 copies that are available exclusively at Kinokuniya.

The Bleed Them Dry trade paperback collects the entire comic series that was created in association with Lotus, Nagoya TV, and F.J. DeSanto. Created by Hiroshi Koizumi, written by Eliot Rahal, drawn by Dike Ruan, colored by Miquel Muerto, and designed by Tim Daniel, Bleed Them Dry: A Ninja Vampire Tale weaves Japanese and Western mythology together to create a deep-future sci-fi epic about Detective Harper Halloway, who’s been tasked with capturing an insidious killer: Someone targeting our immortal brethren, the Vampires that have been living beside us peacefully for centuries.

The solicitation for Bleed Them Dry can be read below: The year is 3333. Earth is in a state of recovery. Vampires are real, and though far less populous, they thrive alongside humans in the Japanese engineered mega-city known as Asylum. People have come to understand that some Immortals are good, some are bad, and they must navigate the world without incident. There is peace. That is, until now.

Someone is brutally murdering vampires. And Detective Harper Halloway has been assigned to the case. To solve it, she’ll have to unearth a much deeper truth: the future of humanity has been edited.

The Bleed Them Dry collection hits store shelves on February 10th, 2021. In the meantime, you can catch up and purchase issues of this exciting series through our ComiXology link.

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