9 – From God of War to Baten Kaitos: The Spectrum of Narrative Game Design with Sisi Jiang

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Sisi Jiang

This week we’re joined by game engineer, narrative designer, and journalist Sisi Jiang (they/them)! Their work is known for covering themes of queerness and orientalism, and their critically-acclaimed game LIONKILLER got nominated for the Independent Game Festival’s Excellence in Narrative award. We talk all about the importance of narrative design– and tbh, how lots of folks have the wrong idea about narrative.

MEANWHILE, your co-hosts dissect the series that has become synonymous with Playstation: GOD OF WAR! From the history of the series, to the lessons it offers on everything from managing one’s emotions to parenting as an adult survivor of abuse, there is quite a lot to unpack here. Also, Kratos can get it.

Find Sisi Jiang on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/six6jiang/

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