‘Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War’ Receives New Season 2 Upgrade

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Today Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, the mobile RPG from NEOWIZ, is beginning season 2: The Broken King, the game’s largest update so far, on iOS and Android. Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is an RPG that is easy to pick up but difficult to master, featuring turn-based combat that prioritizes positioning and skillful party-building over button mashing. Each Hero has their own Elements and Runes to equip and deploy in battles that test your wits and ability to outthink your opponent.

The Broken King update brings eight new heroes to recruit, six new districts to explore, six new runes to collect and a new hero progression system called Hidden Strength. Hidden Strength consists of several nodes that, when unlocked, increase Hero stats significantly. You are able to unlock Hidden Strengths faster if you have a Mirror of Choice, Memory Shards, and Crystals. Players will be able to purchase the Hidden Strength pack two times a month. There are also other limited edition Celebration Packs available to purchase throughout the month.

Plus, players will receive daily celebratory rewards for seven days and easy access to some of the game’s most powerful heroes. Overall, the update delivers dozens of new hours of content. The new story follows Arthur as he confronts Ingway in the new Adventure Districts. Some of the login rewards include crystals, a Skill Fairy, rune packs,  one Divine Summon Scroll, six Promotion Tickets, and 300,000 Silver. Through events, returning players earn three Legendary Summons Scrolls and a 5-Star hero: Lilth.

New players who log in for the first time receive a 5-Star Select Summon Chests and a 4-Star dark hero, Freyja.

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is available now on compatible devices on both the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, visit the official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

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