‘Guardian Tales’ Adds Character, Two New Modes

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Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is a retro action-adventure RPG mobile game. Embark on an epic journey through Kanterbury and encounter new friends as you relive the unforgettable moments from your favorite games growing up. This week’s update to Guardian Tales, “Unrecorded World,” brings in a new challenger, Future Princess, a dimension-bending, defensive spellcaster. Uncovering the mystery behind Future Princess, who looks similar to the infant princess players meet at the start of the game, is part of the new chapter’s theme. The chapter focuses on a dark future where the forces of evil triumphed and destroyed the mystical Heavenhold.

In addition to the story content, there are two new modes in the game. Training Room allows players to passively level up their heroes. When placed in one of the three slots, the hero can’t be used for regular adventures but will increase in strength.

Tower of Horizon also makes its debut, which provides increasingly difficult challenges to parties of your heroes. The added twist is that the Tower of Horizon has an elemental attunement that changes every four weeks. During the first season, only heroes of the light element can be used to scale the 40 stages, which also feature elite and boss stages.

You can check out the full update notes in the Guardian Tales blog post here.

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