Evolution Board Game arrives on Nintendo Switch on Dec. 10

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Evolution Board Game

Evolution Board Game, the strategy game of adaptation from North Star Digital Studios with more than 3 million players worldwide, will rule the wilds of  Nintendo Switch on Dec. 10, 2020. Pre-orders start today at 9:00 a.m. PT.

Pre-order before launch and receive the new Evolutionary Arms Race Promo Pack add-on containing five brand new trait cards for free. Show deadly stripes with the new Nintendo Switch exclusive tiger skin in local and cross-platform matchups.

Evolution, 2019’s Digital Board Game of the Year, has been rebuilt from the ground up with lightning-quick Joy-Con support, making it the perfect platform for online play*, pass and play,  and board gaming on the go. Its robust features include everything players of digital board  games could ask for:

  • Master a single-player campaign with 21 levels and distinct A.I. opponents
  • Chat or start real-time and asynchronous games from your friends list
  • Find new opponents with skill-based online matchmaking
  • Climb the online multiplayer rankings and single-player progression ladder
  • Keep cards close to the chest with a pass and play optimized for Nintendo Switch
  • Test yourself against weekly challenges
  • Discover gorgeous hand-drawn species hidden throughout the game

Start from humble beginnings with an intuitive learn-while-playing tutorial and select traits to develop species to survive the harsh realities of the natural world. Are they at risk of being eaten by predators? Protect them with horns or a hard shell. Having trouble finding enough food in the watering hole? A long neck brings previously inaccessible food within reach.

Tinker with the nigh-infinite amount of genetic combinations while enjoying new artwork,  animations, and a campaign mode complete with deadly bosses. Ascend the leaderboards and become the best digital board game biologist in the world, earning new avatars and other rewards. Cross-play with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android mean there’s a whole world to play against.

Evolution Board Game arrives on Nintendo Switch on Dec. 10, 2020, everywhere except Japan,  Korea, and Hong Kong. It is priced at $19.99, with pre-orders open today for Nintendo Switch and the full game available now on Steam, iOS, and Android. For more news about Evolution  Board Game and other projects from North Star Digital Studios, follow them on Twitter and  Facebook or visit the official website.

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