AndaSeat’s Dark Demon And Jungle Series Gaming Chairs Available Now

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AndaSeat Gaming Chairs

AndaSeat has announced that its ergonomic Dark Demon and Jungle Series gaming chairs are now available. AndaSeat, professional seating specialists, previously manufactured race car seats for BMW and Mercedes Benz. It also partnered with prestigious brands in the sports and Esports field. Both the Jungle and Dark Demon gaming chairs are padded with 60Kg/M3 super high-density integrated foam padding with no cuts. The foam can withstand over 200,000 times press and rebound for true ergonomic support and comfort.

As with all gaming chairs from AndaSeat, the Dark Demon and Jungle offer the all-important support for the spine during long gaming sessions, providing good back support to help maintain posture, even when sitting for long periods of time. Both chairs include an ergonomically designed neck pillow (large for Dark Demon/medium for Jungle) and lumbar support cushion (medium on both chairs). The lumbar support cushion can be adjusted to support both the lumbar and cervical spines simultaneously, allowing gamers to settle back into the chair with ease.

The Dark Demon and Jungle both feature a specially designed Z Support multi-functional tilt mechanism for heavy-duty usage, which also gives users full control over the suspension. The adjustable tilt from 90 to 160 degrees can be easily adapted for gaming. The system also increases and decreases the tension by matching the bodyweight of the user.

The backrest is entirely independent and adjustable, which also lessens the strain on the neck and back. The 4D PU covered customizable armrest on the Dark Demon allows for a wide variety in terms of width and height adjustments to better support the wrists and arms with the ability to move front and back, up and down, and left and right. The Jungle gaming chair features 2D adjustable armrests that can move up and down.

The Dark Demon and Jungle are both manufactured using hard-wearing foam and scratch and stain resistant PVC leather, as used in racing car seats, with no smell and no harmful substances.

Safety is always the priority for furniture products and in order to provide the perfect comfort standard, each AndaSeat gaming chair is equipped with SGS certificated Class 4 hydraulic piston and explosion-proof gas spring of international standards. This is more resistant, more stable and the best in its class in terms of consistency, stability and safety. The wheels on both chairs are 60mm wide with durable PU rubber to provide silent movement and further enhance stability, ensuring smooth movement in all directions without damaging floor surfaces.

The Dark Demon has 4D adjustable armrests, and is available in black or black/red on Amazon for $399.99.

The Jungle, which features 2D adjustable armrests, is available in black or black/red on Amazon for $299.99.

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