Brawlhalla’s 2020 Brawlhalloween Event is Available Now

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Brawlhallas 2020 Brawlhalloween Event

Ubisoft announced that Brawlhalla’s 2020 Brawlhalloween Event is available now for all players. Kicking off the spooky season of tricks, treats, and frightening feats, this event celebrates the festivities with Halloween-themed items including new Skins and returning Skins from previous years’ events. Brawlhalla, a free-to-play platform fighting game with more than 50 million players, is available with cross-platform play on PC, the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Google Play for Android devices, the PlayStation4, the Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Once purchased, these items will stay in players’ inventories after the event ends.

This event brings brand-new animated Brawlhalloween 2020 Podium, available for 240 Mammoth Coins: Graveyard Shift 2020. Plus, you can also get brand-new Legend Skins for 2020, which are available for 140 Mammoth Coins and come with two Weapon Skins each: Corpse Bride Mirage and the Werewolf Thatch skin.

But that’s not all. Players also get returning Legend Skins that come with two Weapon Skins each. The first batch available  for140 Mammoth Coins each are: Immortal Caspian Dusk Till Dawn, Petra Reanimated, Demonkin Diana, Pumpkin Spice Yumiko, The Monster Gnash, Skel-asuri, Horseman Lucien, and Werebat Ragnir. And, available for 200 Mammoth Coins, players can get the Bewitching Scarlet Skin with an animated hat.

Additionally, Brawlhalloween will also feature Returning Brawlhalloween Items: Haunting Colors for all Legends (available for 3,000 Gold or 20 Mammoth Coins each), Pumpkin Pyre animated Avatar (available for 60 Mammoth Coins), RIP Avatar (available for 6,000 Gold), and the Jac-KO-Lantern KO Effect (available for 240 Mammoth Coins).

Developed by Blue Mammoth, Brawlhalla is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, and Android devices.

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