PlayStation 5 UI Revealed In Surprise State Of Play

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In a surprise State of Play on Thursday morning, Sony gave fans a look at the upcoming PlayStation 5‘s user interface and features.

The control center for the PlayStation 5, accessed through the PS button on the DualSense controller, is a row of cards. Players are able to access the control center immediately, letting you check downloads and see who’s online without needing to leave your game.

Through the cards, players can interact with their game and parts of the system itself, including recently captured screenshots, news stories and newly-revealed activities.

The activities are part of PlayStation’s plan to remove gameplay barriers, according to the video. The activities cards will show you both active and suggested activities, as well as key objectives that you haven’t finished. Depending on the activity, the player may be able to jump directly into the level. The cards will also give you a time estimate of how long it should take you to complete it.

In addition, some activities have official guides and hints created by the developers. However, it seems this feature is only available to PlayStation Plus members, and developers must opt-in, meaning not every game will include it. The hints are shown in videos and photos, which you can pin to the screen or control center for easy access as you complete the objective.

PlayStation 5 UI Example

The online experience for PlayStation 5 users has changed slightly, too. Interactive notifications allow players to quickly accept or decline chat invitations, and you can now share your screen to parties. The shared screen c

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