3 – Resilience Building in Final Fantasy X with Jamila Bradley

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Jamila Bradley

Y’all, your co-hosts have just returned from a long night on the Zero — Kentucky Route Zero, that is! Spencer and Jamie do a little review and excavation of our emotions about this beautiful, haunting, and painfully real series from the folks at cardboard computer that culminated earlier this year after a 7-year journey. This is a generation-defining game that truly defies the bounds of the medium. It’s a story about people; but it’s also about all of us. It’s a masterpiece, and we can’t wait to tell you about it (or at least try).

Then, we are certifiably BLESSED to have Jamila Bradley (they/them/theirs) in the studio with us, where we discuss the role of gaming in understanding one’s place in the world, as well as how Final Fantasy X taught Jamila how to build resilience in themself — and awakened some other things in them, too!

Other topics discussed: Gaming as self-care, Tomb Raider hot takes, learning a little something about yourself, that empath life, badass women, wishing Spira was real, applying the sphere grid to real life, getting through childhood, moving through the systems around us, inclusive design, dreaming about the future, and also like, what is real?

About Jamila

Jamila Bradley is a non-binary icon! In Massachusetts, they co-authored the State Plan to End Youth Homelessness, and designed critical research initiatives on marginalized youth experiencing homelessness. Jamila has spent YEARS lifting up LGBTQIA+ youth, and as a political and community organizer they have developed language for rallies, protests, and demonstrations together with trans, indigenous, and immigrant activist groups. Oh, you thought that was it? Jamila is also a fragrance artist and an olfactive anthropologist, currently based in Italy where they’re exploring the art of fragrance to tell human stories!

Follow Jamila on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightblackhoney/

Donate to Y2Y – Young Adults Uniting to End Homelessness: https://www.y2ynetwork.org/get-involved/

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