Rainway Eliminates Launcher Fatigue on PC

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Rainway now allows gamers to manage their PC games from different launchers with its latest unique feature. PC gamers can now install, update, and uninstall games from a single screen with one click to streamline their gaming launching experience. Additionally, the Apple TV app is now available globally.

“We were tired of juggling launchers, clicking from screen to screen, so we built something better,” said CEO Andrew Sampson. “Now it just takes one click and you can manage your games from anywhere with Rainway.

The tiered rollout will start with Steam and add other launchers, including Epic and Origin, in the coming weeks. Today, gamers face a multitude of steps when it comes to launching a PC game due to exclusive launchers and pop-up windows. Currently, the Rainway Dashboard lets gamers see all the games stored on their PC and launch any game directly from the Dashboard without having to navigate to another launcher. This feature is currently only available for PC, but in the coming months, you’ll be able to manage your games remotely from your phone, tablet, or any smart TV device that can access Rainway.

Additionally, Rainway allows gamers to play all their favorite PC games, regardless of storefront, on their TVs with controller support. As long as you have a good internet connection, Rainway lets you take your PC library with you wherever you go.

Rainway is now available on Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV.

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