‘Phoenix Point’ DLC Pack Releases Today

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Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point has launched “Legacy of the Ancients,” its biggest DLC yet, which introduces new story content and challenges. The DLC is available today for $9.99 on Windows PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store, but is free for Season Pass and Ultra Edition Owners.

Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop and Snapshot Games and will soon be available on the Microsoft Store in addition to the Epic Games Store. The game strives to deliver a new breed of turn-based strategy and action against an alien invasion. Players must build global alliances, manage bases, and command forces in battles with dynamic objectives and destructible environments. To ensure that no two playthroughs are ever the same, Phoenix Point features procedurally generated maps, branching storylines with multiple endings, and enemies that mutate to counter the player’s tactics.

“Legacy of the Ancients” delves into the secrets of the Antediluvian Civilization that predated modern humans on Earth. Players will explore ancient ruins and use their secrets to research new weapons and technology. However, you’ll have to be careful since the ancients left powerful guardians to watch over their knowledge and you aren’t the only one seeking to control it.

The DLC pack includes new story missions, mission types, cinematics, enemies, environments, weapons, and armor.

For more information on Phoenix Point and the “Legacy of the Ancients” DLC, visit the website or follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and the game’s official forums.

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