Fantasy RPG hit, AFK Arena, adding Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio as a playable character

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AFK Arena

Lilith Games and Ubisoft announced a new official partnership that sees Ezio from Assassin’s Creed make a leap of faith into the fantasy RPG realm of Lilith Games mobile mega-hit, AFK Arena. Ezio will appear as a playable hero in AFK Arena from today. AFK Arena is an idle fantasy-based RPG mobile game for iOS and Android platforms. With a unique art style, rich lore, and world-building, plus various gameplay modes and a grind-free gameplay mechanic, the game is easy to get into but has massive strategic depth to keep players of all levels coming back time and again.

“We’re excited to see AFK Arena’s core audience continuing to explode across the globe and we’re thrilled to add Ezio from Assassin’s Creed to our hero lineup from today,” commented Xiao Dong, Producer of AFK Arena, Lilith Games.

The game celebrated its first birthday in June this year and has been downloaded over 40 million times to date, achieving the mythical feat of attaining a dedicated legion of casual mobile players from both Western and Eastern audiences. The game was nominated for Google Play’s Best of 2019 Users’ Choice Best Game Award and continues to be a mobile fan favorite with constant support, content, and updates provided by Lilith Games.

Lilith Games was founded in 2013 with its first international launch, Soul Hunters arriving in 2015. Soul Hunters was an instant hit and quickly hit the No.1 top grossing game position in App Stores globally. The company has since published many successful and beloved games including Rise of KingdomsArt of ConquestAFK ArenaAbi and more. Lilith Games is now China’s 3rd largest game developer and publisher in terms of overseas revenue.

AFK Arena can be found on the App Store for iOS here and can be found on the Google Play Store for Android here.

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