UDON Entertainment Reveals SDCC Street Fighter Exclusive Pins And More

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This year’s San Diego Comic-Con experience will be like no other. UDON Entertainment announced this year’s lineup of new and exclusive San Diego Comic-Con At Home merchandise, available only at UDONPins.com starting Wednesday, July 22! These Capcom exclusives include goodies from Street Fighter, Mega Man, and more.

Street Fighter – Pin Fighter Series

UDON Street Fighter - Pin Fighter Series

Joining UDON’s brand new Pin-Fighter series are six exclusive variant colors of fan-favorite Street Fighter characters, including Chun Li, Cammy, Rose, Blanka, Dhalsim, and Akuma! The first Pin-Fighter series features all 36 characters from Street Fighter Alpha 3. The pins measure between 1.5″ tall to 3.5″ tall and are cloisonné hard enamel. Street Fighter fans can pick up the SDCC variants as single fighters or buy the sets! The SDCC color variants are only available during SDCC Week! Grab these and their Series 1 competitors at UDONPins.com.

Mega Man Robot Master Series

UDON Mega Man Robot Master Series

Part of UDON’s Robot Masters pin series, the SDCC exclusive pin is of Mega Man’s foe, Dr. Wily! The 2″ hard enamel pin features multiple screen printing for enhanced details. Also making their debut this week at UDONPins.com are Robot Masters Elec Man, Fire Man, and Bomb Man, along with fan favorite, Proto Man! Cut Man, Guts Man, and Ice Man are available now at UDONPins.com!

Monster Hunter World

UDON Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World fans! You’ll be able to grab this jumbo, 2 inch collector’s pin of the Monster Hunter World Dragon Emblem, in a Fire Red variant available only during SDCC! It features gold color plated finishing with glowing clear red color. Antique Black & Gold and Crystal Green & Silver variants are available now at UDONPins.com!

UDON has also rolled out select fan favorites to udonpins.com and will continue to add brand new products on a regular basis! The best way to stay up to date is to join the UDON Pins Official Facebook Group!  Exclusive news and previews will be announced first in the group so join today to get the latest details on your favorite pin properties!  JOIN NOW! 

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