‘Crema’ is An ComiXology Origina Infused with Coffee, Ghosts, and Romance

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“Esme always feared sleep. As a child, she feared monsters lurked there. Waiting to swallow her up in the dark where no one would find her. She’d be lost. Invisible. So she made a plan to drink sleep away. Night after night… with cup after cup… of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.” So begins Crema.

Crema is a delectable original graphic novel by #1 New York Times bestselling writer Johnnie Christmas and Prism-Award nominee Dante Luiz, featuring lettering by Ryan Ferrier. Arriving July 21st from comiXology OriginalsCrema is the story of a haunted romance that explores the world of coffee and is told in three potent chapters — The Last Roast, The Grind, and Brew — all of which simmer with magical realism and passion. 

Esme loves coffee. She works as a barista at a Brooklyn coffee shop and knows everything there is to know about the stuff. But when she drinks too much, she can actually see . . . and talk to . . . ghosts.  In fact, Gerry the ghost has been her friend since she was a young child.

Esme often feels invisible, until she meets Yara, heiress to the coffee shop and its coffee bean provider Cherry Mountain Farm. Their world is turned upside down when Esme discovers a mysterious letter written in old Portuguese and encounters the strange ghost of an Old-World nobleman, in the basement of the coffee shop.  In the midst of a sexy whirlwind romance, the discovery leads Esme and Yara to the deteriorating (and said to be haunted) coffee plantation in Brazil bringing dark and sinister tidings of unrequited love. Will Yara sell her family’s coffee plantation? Will Esme find peace—and an escape from the ghosts that visit her?

“I wrote most of it in coffee shops around Vancouver, pounding copious amounts of caffeine and listening to hours of cafe talk,” says writer Johnnie Christmas, who is perhaps best known for illustrating Margaret Atwood’s graphic novel debut Angel Catbird. “Dante’s art is beautiful. We were going for magical realism and fabulism in the modern context, utilizing color shifts in places to further heighten romance and ghostly terror.”


Crema is sure to appeal to fans of Neil Gaiman, Laura Esquivel, and Anthony Bourdain. Like the sip of a world-class cup of coffee and the first kiss of a new romance, this charming graphic novel will transport you.

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