‘We Are The Caretakers’ Demo and Early Access Announced

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We Are The Caretakers

We Are The Caretakers, the sci-fi turn-based tactical RPG set in an afrofuturist world, will hit Steam Early Access in Q3 2020 with a release for consoles planned to launch alongside PC’s version 1.0. A free demo will be available on Steam on June 16 as part of the Steam Game Festival.

Turmoil has overtaken humanity after first contact with an alien civilization. Take command as the Conductor, one who’s sworn to protect the Shadran society and their endangered rhino-like species of Raun. Under threat from poachers, Caretakers must take up arms against those who would destroy what remains of the Raun and their home, saving the animals from extinction and continuing their tradition as wardens of Shadra’s most susceptible. We Are The Caretakers combines real-time strategy with turn-based combat. Deploy squads of high-tech conservationist protectors led by the Conductor. Inspect the map and secure towns while protecting the beloved Raun and even nurture a baby Raun who takes a liking to the Conductor.

Recruit detained poachers, but keep an eye on the reputation of the Caretakers, too – the right decision is not always the popular one and might make future missions more difficult. With more than 20 job classes, procedurally generated levels, and a morally-complex world, We Are The Caretakers places Conductors into a complicated, exciting world full of strategic decisions and challenges.

“The vision that the team is bringing to We Are The Caretakers is a rich sci-fi world with a focus on conservation that’s like no other and this demo will give everyone a glimpse into an unparalleled experience,” said Scott Brodie, founder of Heart Shaped Games. “We look forward to working with our audience to help craft the game based on feedback from the demo and the upcoming Early Access launch.”

We Are The Caretakers plays host to an original sci-fi world with an afrofuturist vision. Characters, environments, and the story blend elements of man-made and organic science fiction, sporting a distinct African influence and including a soundtrack of orchestral sounds, African instrument samples, and modern hip-hop beats.

For more information on We Are The Caretakers, visit the official website.

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