VIZ Media’s ‘RWBY: The Official Manga’ Aims to be the Ultimate Girl Squad

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RWBY The Official Manga

From mangaka Bunta Kunami comes RWBY: The Official Manga based on the international hit anime series from Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum. RWBY is set in the magical world of Remnant and focusses on four girls: the incredibly talented Ruby Rose, heriess Weiss Schnee, mysterious fighter Black Belladonna, and Ruby’s supportive older sister Yang Xiao Long. The four are Beacon Academy students training to become Huntresses who fight creatures known as “Grimm.” Together, they combine their unique strengths to form the ultimate girl group: RWBY.

Training to become Remnant’s greatest monster huntresses is not the only challenge for team RWBY as they adjust to a new school, new relationships, and of course, teenage drama. For Ruby, battling Grimm seems to be much easier than dealing with Wiess.

Originating in Japan and published in English by VIZ Media, RWBY: The Official Manga welcomes a new era of Western content in a Japanese medium. And the all female team is establishing empowered female protagonists and are breaking down barriers for female representation in Shonen Manga.

The connection between Rooster Teeth, a pioneering media and entertainment company for web-series and animation and VIZ Media, an international authority on manga for more than 30 years is not only natural but warmly welcomed by anime and manga fans everywhere.

RWBY: The Official Manga is available from booksellers July 21, 2020 for $12.99 in paperback. If you need to make a decision on whether to pre-order or not, check out our contributor’s glowing review of Volume 1 here.

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