Into the Spider-Cast Episode 10: “Heroes Don’t Cry” and Black Lives Matter

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Heroes Don't Cry

We have an honest conversation about the media we consume, and what must be done to make it better, more inclusive, and without glorifying the police. Support Black Lives Matter and affiliate causes and organizations. Below we have links where you can lend your support.

The National Resources List, which has links to various Black Lives Matter resources, bailout funds by city, Trans support funds, Black History, Revolutionary, and Anti-Racism texts, and more.

Zoe Amira’s video to support Black Lives Matter: watch without Adblocker and all advertising proceeds go to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Donate to the Black Visions Collective

Donate to Reclaim the Block

Donate to the LGBTQ Fund

Donate to Communities United Against Police Brutality

Donate to The Transgender District

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