GalaxyCon Live Welcomes More Guests Including The Pink Power Ranger

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GalaxyCon Pink Ranger

Space and time have nothing on GalaxyCon Live! As we continue to bring fandom to a whole new level in the digital world, fans are invited to more exciting events to take part in. From the Pink Power Rangers to Star Trek Doctors to Star Wars droids, and a bit more in between, there’s a little something for everyone.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers‘ Pink Ranger | June 27th

The Pink Power Ranger herself, Amy Jo Johnson, joins GalaxyCon for an interview on Saturday, June 27th at 12 pm ET, with one-on-one chats starting at 1 pm ET.

Star Trek Doctors | July 5th

Trekkies won’t want to miss their favorite Doctors from the Star Trek universe! Gates McFaddenJohn Billingsley, and Robert Picardo unite for a livestream Q&A on Sunday, July 5th, at 2 pm ET with one-on-one chats starting at 3 pm ET!

Star Trek Klingons | July 9th

Klingons Martok (JG Hertzler) and Gowron (Robert O’Reilly) are dropping in for an exclusive interview on Thursday, July 9th at 6 pm ET. Two-to-one chats begin at 7 pm ET and one-on-one chats with your favorite Klingon at 7:30 pm ET.

Star Wars Droids | July 11th

Meet the men behind your favorite droids! BB 8 (Brian Herring and Dave Chapman) along with R2-D2 (Lee Towersey and Hassan Taj) join GalaxyCon Live on Saturday, July 11th at 10:30 am ET, with personal chats with all three droids starting at 11:30am ET, and one-on-one chats with a favorite Star Wars Droid creator thereafter.

GalaxyCon is based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL and is the premier, independent producer of comic book, sci-fi, anime, and geek culture events in the United States. GalaxyCon operates festivals in multiple cities with between 20,000 and 50,000 attendees per event.

Fans are a part of the fun because GalaxyCon Live offers up FREE live stream sessions. Personalized autographs are available for purchase prior to the close of each live stream.

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