‘Forgotten Home’ Collection Available Now Through ComiXology

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Forgotten Home

The urban fantasy Forgotten Home is available to read, using our affiliate link, today, June 23rd, in its entirety from ComiXology Originals and Vices Press. Written and created by Erica Schultz, with art by Marika Cresta, colors by Matt Emmons, and letters by Cardinal Rae, Forgotten Home Season 1: Family Matters collects the 8-issue comic series and features a gorgeous cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.  With a Foreword by Sam Maggs, bestselling author of books, comics, and video games Forgotten Home also contains a section of extras including process art, royal Jannadan garment design by Yissel Ayala, original series cover art by Natasha Alterici, and more.

While investigating a series of child abductions in Montana, the case gets personal for Sheriff’s Deputy Lorraine Adalet when her teenage daughter, Joanna, disappears with a friend. Following the clues of otherworldly evidence leads Lorraine back to her long-abandoned homeworld of Jannada. Mired in a never-ending war she escaped long ago, Lorraine had hoped to protect Joanna from her own past. Once in Jannada, Lorraine attempts a rescue mission to bring Joanna and the rest of the kidnapped children back to Earth; however, it’s not without resistance. Lorraine must confront her past with the evil Jannadan Queen and everyone else she abandoned all those years ago…not to mention an entire army of magic-wielding children! Meanwhile, Joanna’s allegiance hangs in the balance in this tale of family and fate.

Forgotten Home is available to read at no additional cost for members of Amazon Prime via their Prime Reading benefit, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited and for purchase on Kindle and ComiXology. For more updates on comiXology Originals, check out their information online and follow comiXology on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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