Digital Lizards Of Doom is Available Now on Indiegogo

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Digital Lizards Of Doom

Clover Press and Gabriel Valenin, the frontman of the indy pop band Digital Lizards Of Doom, are combining forces to publish Digital Lizards Of Doom: Dizzy Doom Level 1. This groundbreaking, earthshaking, jawdroppingly beautiful book is a new take on the visual storytelling medium, with art by Ernie Najera and a special incentive cover by Mark Irwin.

Digital Lizards Of Doom: Dizzy Doom Level 1 is based on the YouTube space-fantasy adventure series, inspired by tabletop gaming, video adventure games, and Saturday morning cartoon shows. With dialogue and page layout that creates a reading experience like a role-playing game, Digital Lizards Of Doom pulls the audience in with its dynamic storytelling system.

“This book has been a labor of love for six years,” said Gabriel Valentin. “And it feels amazing to be at a place to bring it out to the world. This is something we’ve been working toward for a long time and we’re so excited to partner with Clover Press to do it.”

Digital Lizards Of Doom: Dizzy Doom Level 1 takes place in a far-fetched universe where profits outweigh common goodness and the only way out is to win. Part Matrix, part Moebius, and all innovative, this is a book, unlike anything that’s been seen before.

“These are the kind of books I want to be making with Clover,” says Clover Press co-founder, Nate Murray. “As soon as you pick this book up, you’re blown away at how beautifully the art is presented. The choices Gabe (Valentin) made in his storytelling are bold and different. It’s a new way to read a graphic novel, but it feels intuitive and somehow right. It’s a rocking good time”

The book also features a foreword by Mike Towry. It is live on Indiegogo and available to back today! Fans can also visit to find out more about the band, the book, and upcoming publishing plans!

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