‘Trove’ Will Expand with New Game Mode

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Gamigo has announced that the MMO Trove will introduce an all-new game mode, called Delves, later this spring. The new mode consists of procedurally-generated combat tailored to match the player’s personal power level.

The Delves update will give both seasoned veterans of the game and new players a chance to forget about the surface world for a while by diving into Trove‘s new cave systems.

Players can either queue up for a Public Delve or create a Private Delve. Each Delve, whether public or private, poses its own unique challenge for up to eight players. The players will need to solve the challenge before matching up against a boss opponent. If lucky enough to win in time, the party can continue delving into the depths of the caves and overcoming increasingly difficult odds.

Additionally, popular challenge rewards in Trove, formerly earned by completing Shadow Tower challenges, have been moved to Delves and a new tier of gear (Crystal 4) awaits discovery.

The Delves update brings even more changes to the game too. For instance, the Tomb Raiser class has been enhanced and overhauled for pure soul-summoning combat power. Players can experience this and more once Delves launches later this spring.

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