New Rainbow Six Esports League for North America Announced

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Ubisoft has announced details for the new North American League for Rainbow Six Esports, scheduled to debut in late June 2020. The Rainbow Six North American League will feature two regional Divisions – the United States and Canada – as well as a revamped path-to-pro tier designed to foster the best up-and-coming teams in both territories. The US Division will feature eight pro team organizations competing in an offline league based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Canada will also join the global competition for the first time ever with its own Canada Division. This league consists of four teams competing online in lockstep with the US Division tournament schedule.

To promote a robust semi-pro ecosystem for all aspirational players, Rainbow Six Esports North America will also include the Challenger League, an accessible online league consisting of eight teams per region, playing for a chance to break into the pro tier each season.

“We are tremendously excited for the new Rainbow Six Esports global structure that prioritizes investment and regionalization in each of the territories. In the North America League, the eight US Division teams were selected to ensure a thriving and stable team structure for a premium offline league,” said Che Chou, Senior Director of esports at Ubisoft. “Setting down roots for Rainbow Six Esports in Las Vegas puts our pastime within one of the greatest epicenters of entertainment in the world, which as of today now has an esports league to call it home. Alongside the US Division, we believe the Canada Division and respective Challenger Leagues completes the competitive scene in North America, providing vast opportunities for players of diverse skill levels to pursue the esports dream.”

The introduction of the US Division and Canada Division, alongside updates to the Challenger League in North America, represents the biggest evolution for the competitive Rainbow Six Esports landscape in its four-year history. Additional key partnerships for the next chapter of North American Rainbow Six Esports include Acer Predator, and Corsair.

Given current health and safety concerns for players and employees, as well as guidelines from the state of Nevada, and given the timeframe for the US Division launch date, competition for Stage 1 of the 2020 Season will take place online. As soon as the situation permits, Ubisoft will assess any available opportunity to continue the offline Las Vegas program.

For more details on the structure and format for US Division, Canada Division, and Challenger Leagues, visit the official announcement page.

To learn more about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege esports programs in general, visit its website.

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