New Graphic Novel, ‘Savor’ Cooks Up a New All-Ages Adventure

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Action! Adventure! Food! Writer/co-creator Neil Kleid (Brownsville, Kings and Canvas, Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim), artist/co-creator John Broglia (God Complex, Zombie-Sama), and colorist Frank Reynoso (Kings and Canvas, The Sweetness) combine the worlds of cooking and bravery in the heartfelt new all-ages graphic novel Savor arriving January 2021!

Warrior chef Savor Batonnet has returned home after years away. Upon her return, she discovers that a band of demonic pirate cooks has captured her island home and family. Will she be able to face five deadly restaurants, assemble the ultimate knife, save her parents, and earn the title of ‘hero’?

Savor is the type of book I’ve long wanted to write for my kids. As I get older my focus remains on stories about legacy but viewed less from the POV of a son…and more through the eyes of a father. This one’s for my daughter, offering her a tale about finding your way, becoming who you’re meant to be, fighting for those important to you, and honoring the stories that have come before. It’s inspired by a lot of things—my love of food and cooking competitions, Disney films (Moana, in this case), and video games like Legend of Zelda. Here’s hoping that warriors of all ages will enjoy this bite-sized adventure” says Kleid.


“As a father of two young girls, I have been longing to work on a project that revolves around a strong, positive, young woman and role model. Thanks to Neil Kleid’s amazing tale I was finally able to help bring to life something I can share with my daughters, giving them a hero to look up to. This adventure is a fun ride, paired with beautiful, heartfelt moments that double as food for the soul. It’s a recipe like no other, packed with all the best ingredients,” says artist and co-creator Broglia.

The 144-page Savor TPB arrives on January 6, 2021, for $14.99. Pre-order now through AmazonBarnes, and Noble, and wherever books are sold. Check with your local comic shop for pre-order options.

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