INTERVIEW: Horror and Storytelling with ‘Z’ Writer-Director Brandon Christensen

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Everyone’s favorite horror streaming service, Shudder, has been making the necessary introductions between horror fans and truly fantastic films. Brandon Christensen’s Z is no exception! Z has already given goosebumps to genre festival audiences and will soon be terrorizing viewers at home.

In Z, a young couple is startled to learn that their son has a new imaginary friend. This invisible playmate, called Z, suddenly takes a turn for the sinister as increasingly strange and disturbing events begin to occur. The young boy’s mother, Beth, is at a loss and is desperate to make sure her son is well again. As Beth begins seeing things, for herself, it becomes clear that Z isn’t there for her son at all…

In our conversation with the director and co-writer of Z, Brandon Christensen, we discuss horror as both a thrilling and familiar joyride, as well as a platform for deeper narratives. Brandon reveals the inspiration behind Z and discusses the thrill of creating for the particularly enthusiastic genre lovers.

To hear our entire conversation with Brandon Christensen, hit play on the audio player above. Z premieres on Shudder on May 7, 2020.

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