Hero Cantare with WEBTOON Will Now Launch On May 26th

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Hero Cantare Pre-registration awards

Highly anticipated Hero Cantare with WEBTOON is arriving on May 26th in North America, Oceania, and Europe. The game has seen an explosive reception in Korea with over 1 million pre-registration and rising to #1 on many mobile game charts.

Hero Cantare showcases characters from popular webcomics Tower of God, The God of High School, and Hardcore Leveling Warrior and brings them together in a massive superhero RPG. The heroes from these webcomics are transported to a new world, Tetra, and must bring peace to the new dimension.

The game features turn-based gameplay with mixed with high-quality 2D art and animation directly inspired by the popular webcomics the game is based on. The full-fledged soundtrack also enhances the overall experience.

The game features the ability to explore vast Tetra and level up your favorite hero, a superhero’s standalone story with an accompanying web comic. Hero Cantare will also have a Trial Tower mode, allowing you to assemble your ultimate team, defeat challenging towers, and win epic loots, 1v1, and 3v3 PvP modes.

“We’ve been grateful for the tremendous support Hero Cantare received from the players since its launch last year in South Korea. We are working very hard to present the game to the North American and Oceanian audience,” said Ji-hoon Park, the Chief Executive of NGEL Games. “Please look forward to a new adventure with your favorite web comic characters.”

Professional eSports gamers turned game developers, NGEL Games was founded by the former 2006 Guild Wars World Champions and game developers. Lord of Dice, the flagship mobile title for NGEL Games has recorded over 3 million downloads globally with 20 million dollars in revenue. Now one of the fastest-growing game developers in South Korea, NGEL Games capitalizes on their love of anime and complex strategy to craft one-of-a-kind competitive gameplay experiences.

Pre-registration for Hero Cantare is now open on the official website. Once players pre-register, they will also receive special awards.

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