Don’t Miss Out on Dynamite Classics With These ComiXology Sales

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Dynamite ComiXology Super Sales

Super sales from Dynamite Comics are ending and continuing, and ComiXology is full of energy with the industry getting back to full steam!

First of all, check out the first new release from Dynamite in a while, with Red Sonja #15 available now using our affiliate link. Critically acclaimed writer Mark Russell continues to weave this witty grounded yet action-packed tale of Sonja the Red, now dealing with being Queen of Hyrkania in “peacetime” in Year Two. The art by Bob Q balances impressive action and cartooning for a classic, timeless style. Reviews have been great, so check it out!

In addition, Dynamite’s Sci-Fi ComiXology sale ends tonight! 13 thrilling graphic novels are deep discounted, as well as all their respective single issues. See our affiliate link for access to the full sale. And while it’s still running for a couple more days, but don’t gloss over the Dynamite Select Sale either from ComiXology, with a huge selection of 50 books, there’s something for everyone.

For a recommendation from us, we advise straddling both sales and piecing together a binge reading collection of work from the master Howard Chaykin. You’ll find all the below books across these two spectacular sales. All of these are whipsmart tales that pushed against the boundaries of comics and continue to inspire readers and creators today. Though we warn that they do employ mature subject matter.

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