VIZ Media Takes You to Japan With Tokyo: Day By Day

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Tokyo: Day by Day

Ever wanted to explore the megacity of Tokyo and didn’t know where to start? For 365 days of the year, Tokyo: Day by Day takes you on an adventure through the magical city that most tourists never see. With this highly instagrammable book published in English by VIZ Media with adaptation provided by Isabelle Huang, readers get a look into the hidden treasures that the megacity has to offer. In the book, you’ll be able to walk down cobblestoned alleyways lit by traditional minka homes and into the dreamiest of flower parks filled with lavender; taste the myriad sweets and pastries and learn the art of Maito Kuramae – all fuelled by ramen, the city’s signature dish, and tea, always tea.

This beautiful book has a design and layout from Adam Grano with content provided by RETRIP. For a lot of us, we love and appreciate Tokyo as it is the world’s capital of anime and manga, but there is so much more depth to discover. Additionally, the book highlights daily seasonal curations based on the calendar year. Witness local festivals such as Children’s Day with colorful carp streamers swimming at the foot of Tokyo Tower or learn how to unleash your inner kawaii with delicious Totoro cream puffs and Harajuku’s adorable Hedgehog Cafe. With all the included contact and travel information, learn every nook and cranny that compares the same street knowledge as any Tokyo local.

In Tokyo: Day by Day, you get places to visit from art installations and restaurants to parks and more with addresses and everything you need to plan your trip. VIZ Media is at the forefront of America’s Japanese pop culture phenomenon which dominates everything from animation and film to gaming and because of this they’re the perfect company to publish Tokyo: Day by Day. Whether you’re looking to plan a trip to Japan or just looking learn more about the city, this is gonna be a book for you to pick up.

Tokyo: Day by Day publishes June 9, 2020.

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