Snowpiercer Universe Timeline Revealed Ahead of New TV Series

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snowpiercer timeline

In anticipation of the brand new Snowpiercer TV Series coming to TNT in May, Titan Comics is excited to reveal the official Snowpiercer Universe timeline, detailing for fans old and new the best way to indulge in the various incarnations of the Snowpiercer franchise, including the original graphic novel trilogy and its prequel trilogy, the 2013 movie from Oscar-winning director Bong-Joon Ho, and the upcoming TNT series itself, starring Academy Award winner, Jennifer Connelly.

Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs star in this adaptation on class warfare, social injustice, and the politics of survival playing out amongst the remnants of humanity – who inhabit a perpetually moving train with 1001 cars that circles the globe. This television adaptation is based on the graphic novel series and film from Oscar® Winner Bong Joon Ho (Parasite) and premieres May 17.

“You haven’t experienced Snowpiercer until you’ve read the graphic novel collections – this timeline is the perfect guide to those who want to jump aboard but don’t know where to start, and those who want to take the journey all over again from the very beginning!’ said Jake Devine, Editor, Titan Comics.

To celebrate the new TV show and the Snowpiercer Universe timeline, Titan Comics is publishing new softcover editions of the original graphic novels trilogy which inspired the movie Snowpiercer, starring Chris Evans, and a new TV series, starring Jennifer Connelly and Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs! Each new edition comes with a brand-new cover!

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