Quibi Releases Seven New Shows and Episodes For Ongoing Series

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Quibi, the all-new streaming service focused on bite-sized content, has released seven new shows today. All new shows on Quibi will be released on Mondays. New episodes will be released daily (Monday – Friday) until a series is complete. This week, New “Movies in Chapters” include Antoine Fuqua’s #FreeRayshawn starring Laurence Fishburne and Stephan James, 50 States of Fright from Sam Raimi starring Rachel Brosnahan, Travis Fimmel and more, The Stranger from Veena Sud, and comedy Agua Donkeys from Funny or Die. 

New Unscripted series include Elba vs. Block starring Idris Elba and Ken Block, Fight Like a Girl starring the WWE Superstars, and Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand. Three new episodes of each new show are available today.  In addition – new episodes have been released of continuing Quibi titles like SurviveMost Dangerous GameChrissy’s CourtFlippedPunk’dWhen the Streetlights Go OnThanks A Million, and more.
See the full list of what’s new on Quibi right now below:

The Stranger

An unassuming young rideshare driver is thrown into her worst nightmare when a mysterious Hollywood Hills passenger enters her car. Her terrifying, heart-stopping ride with the stranger unfolds over 12 hours as she navigates the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles in a chilling game of cat and mouse.


#FREERAYSHAWN tells the story of a young Iraq War veteran named Rayshawn who is set up by New Orleans police and the sympathetic cop who plays the role of negotiator – all in the midst of a social media frenzy over the course of one brutally stressful day.

50 States of Fright

50 States of Fright will explore stories based on urban legends from Michigan, Kansas, Oregon, Minnesota, and Florida taking viewers deeper into the horrors that lurk just beneath the surface of our country.

Agua Donkeys

It’s always summer for the AGUA DONKEYS as they chase the perfect tan, the perfect vibe and the perfect mix of bromine and chlorine to service some of the “sickest” backyard pools in their Utah hometown.

Elba vs. Block

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Idris Elba, and one of the planet’s hottest drivers, Ken Block, are going head to head in a hilarious, action packed rivalry as they pit cars against each other through increasingly outrageous stunts to prove whose car, and which driver, is the best.

Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand

As a world renowned cannabis artist, Tony Greenhand and his smokable creations have attracted an A-list clientele, propelling him as one of the most notable figures in the growing marijuana industry.  In each episode, Tony connects with a different celebrity weed enthusiast to make their wildest joint dreams come true.

Fight Like a Girl

In each episode of Fight Like a Girl, Stephanie McMahon pairs a WWE Superstar with a young woman struggling with a personal issue that has been holding her back. The WWE Superstars draw from their own life experiences to help their trainees overcome obstacles and become tougher, stronger and healthier versions of their former selves inside and out.

Quibi is available for $4.99/month with ads. To watch freely without ads, you can pay $7.99/month. Quibi is currently on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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