Launch Date and Pre-Order for LEGO Super Mario Set Announced

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LEGO Mario

Pre-order availability for the new LEGO Super Mario set, as well as expansion sets starring more characters, was announced Tuesday morning. The Adventures with Mario Starter Course is the entry point to the world of LEGO Super Mario. This Starter Course is needed to unlock expansion sets and features seven action bricks for different interactions with the LEGO Mario figure. These bricks and the LEGO Mario figure are only included in this set. The LEGO Mario figure has LCD screens in his eyes, mouth, and belly to display a wide variety of instant reactions to movement, color, and action bricks. Also included is a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the video games.

“Super Mario has continued to appear, always in a form adapted to the current hardware of the time,” said Takashi Tezuka, Executive Officer and Game Producer. “I am thankful that in this project with the LEGO Group, Mario is jumping out of the digital world of game consoles and smart devices, and we are able to bring him into the world with a new, physical type of Mario play. It’s very exciting to think of LEGO Mario becoming a real friend to children and to picture them playing in their very own Mario world that they imagined themselves.”

Kids can build levels and play their own way. LEGO Mario is used to collect virtual coins as he runs and jumps from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole via LEGO bricks, cloud platforms, and clashes with the Goomba and Bowser Jr. figures.

The Starter Course can also be combined with LEGO Super Mario Expansion Sets. Each of these expansion sets unlock unique challenges and characters to play with and against friends. The first Expansion Sets, revealed today, include the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set and the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set.

Fans can use the free LEGO Super Mario app from the LEGO Group, a supporting feature to further enhance the physical play experience. It keeps track of scores to encourage continuous rebuilding, as well as providing digital building instructions with zoom and rotate viewing tools to make building easier. It suggests creative ways to build and play and serves as a safe forum to share ideas with friends.

The full LEGO Super Mario assortment will launch on August 1, 2020. Fans can now pre-order the LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course on the website and from other retailers around the world.

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