Dynamite Mystery Boxes Are Perfect for #ComicsAndQuarantine

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Dynamite Books Dynamite Mystery Boxes

Dynamite Comics has several exciting options to spice up your time at home and your comic collection right now! They’ve unveiled exciting Dynamite mystery boxes that you can get in several ways. Each box has slightly different contents and will be randomly filled based on that. You could get some of the issues missing in your runs, a graphic novel you’ve had on your wishlist, a rare valuable variant, or a total surprise you’ve never even heard of…

The Dynamite Mystery Box #1 includes 20 random single issues from across our 15 years of publishing. PLUS every box is guaranteed a variant cover usually priced at $50! This box is $10.

Behind door number two is Dynamite Mystery Box #2. Which includes 2 softcover collections and one hardcover, to bulk up your shelf. Just make sure to tag us in a shelfie once you’ve unboxed it. And all of this for just 20 bucks! Both of these first two have FREE shipping too!

As part of the Boredom-Busters on Indiegogo, there are two slightly different boxes available. One offers 5 total graphic novels for $20 before shipping. Or for just $5 get 10 random single issues. Or GO BIG with the MEGA BOOK BOX, A whopping 40 graphic novels at 68% off the price! It would be an amazing way to supercharge or start a Dynamite collection from scratch.

If you end up purchasing one of these Dynamite mystery boxes be sure to tag Dynamite Comics on social media, @DynamiteComics on everything.

Recently Dynamite Comics has gone approve and beyond to support the industry and provide fun and engaging ways for readers to enjoy their content during the quarantine. Previously, Dynamite Comics announced with ComiXology the fourth weekly wave of totally free first issues today. With a dozen additions and previous batches left up as free still, the total pushes past 50 issues and well over 1,000 pages. You can get all 50+ free issues now.

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