Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Bunny Day Event

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Bunny Day

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ first seasonal event is here. Zipper T. Bunny has come to your island to bring about Bunny Day festivities. From now until April 12th, Zipper has tasked you to go on an egg hunt and to craft as many Bunny Day DIY projects as you can and if you can craft all of them, by event’s end Zipper will give you a surprise.

Have no fear, finding these eggs won’t be a tedious task. If you continue to play Animal Crossing as you normally would, you will happen upon such eggs with great ease. There are six types of eggs for you to collect in all. They are as follows: earth egg, stone egg, leaf egg, wood egg, sky egg, and water egg. You can find earth eggs by digging up items such as fossils. Stone eggs can be found by hitting rocks when looking for stone and mineral materials. Leaf eggs can be found by shaking trees. These are the easiest to spot. The eggs will be hanging from your cherry blossom trees as if they’re fruit. Beware of wasps! Wood eggs can be found from chopping trees. Sky eggs you can find from floating presents in the sky, and last but not least, water eggs can be found from fishing.

Bunny Day
My Bunny Day collection so far!

As you’re playing the game and collecting your eggs, you will periodically come across DIY projects. This can happen by simply collecting eggs and your character saying they can complete a DIY project with the eggs they’ve collected so far or finding DIY cards from messages in a bottle on the beach. While popping balloons and getting sky eggs, there is a good chance of getting a Bunny Day DIY card, and sometimes while talking to your neighbors, they’ll bestow a card you can use.

Bunny Day is a nice reprieve from my daily island duties. I have always been the type of gamer that enjoys collecting things and in Animal Crossing, it is no different. While many players are having trouble and not liking New Horizons’ first seasonal event, I am enjoying it. My only issue with the event is not enough bunny items to fully get into character and the spirit. I have quite a few DIY items and the event has another week to fun its course so I may be in some luck.

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