Into the Spider-Cast Episode 7: Spider-Man 2099 (Vol 1 and 3)

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Miguel O'HaraWe have our first discussion on the Spider-Man of the future, Miguel O’Hara, AKA Spider-Man 2099! Joining us for this discussion is another of our But Why Tho? colleagues, Adrian Ruiz! We’re discussing the first few issues in both his inaugural 1992 and modern 2015 runs to introduce you to the character. Who is Spider-Man 2099 and how did he get his unique set of Spider-powers? How does he learn the lesson of “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” on his own terms? How did he get his unique costume? We discuss all that and some Marvel Cinematic Universe news relating to COVID-19, as well as the unfortunate passing of a key creator involved in Spider-Man 3.

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