How TKO Studios is Helping Local Comic Shops During the Pandemic

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TKO Local Comic Book Shop
Aegis Comics of Alaska – Photo provided by TKO Studios

The Coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected a lot of people in various ways. To help decrease the spread of infection, many small businesses, such as comic book shops, have made the difficult decision to close their doors to adhere to mandatory temporary shut-downs.

However, this has resulted in enormous financial strain on shop owners as they worry about being able to keep their shops afloat during this pandemic. Comic book shops are a vital part of the comic book industry, and COVID-19 is threatening their existence. In unprecedented times such as these, we should try to help those who have been affected when possible. One way you can help is by supporting your local comic book shops through TKO Studios. 

TKO Studios is helping local comic book shops fight back. Until the end of the Coronavirus threat, when you purchase a comic through, you can select a local comic book shop of your choice, and TKO will send that store 50% of the purchase price. That is the same amount the store would have made selling the book via their store.

Here’s a list of their titles that I think are worth checking out and ordering to help support a local comic shop in need:

The Banks

The Banks comes from New York Times bestselling writer Roxane Gay (Hunger; Black Panther), artist Ming Doyle (The Kitchen), and colorist Jordie Bellaire (Pretty Deadly). The women of the Banks family are the most successful thieves in Chicago, but during the heist of a lifetime, they must band together to avenge a loved one taken too soon.

Read the full review here. 


Sentient TKO cover

Sentient  is from Eisner Award-winners Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) and Gabriel Walta (The Vision). When an attack kills the adults on a colony ship, the onboard A.I. VALARIE must help the ship’s children survive the perils of space. Can Valarie rise to the task?

Read the full review here. 

Eve of Extinction

The rain brought something. Something that changed the men into something inhuman. To rescue their stranded daughter, two mothers must survive the hurricane and the horrors it unleashed. Can they work together long enough to save their only child?

Read the full review here. 

Pound for Pound

Pound for Pound TKO Studios Coronavirus

Underground MMA fighter Dani Libra fears nothing… except for the recurring blackouts that spark memories of a bloody past. When her sister is kidnapped, Dani must shine a light on the darkness in her own mind, but how long can she keep her own demons at bay?

The Fearsome Dr. Fang

Fearsome Doctor Fang TKO Studios Coronavirus

In this globe-trotting adventure, a street cop and a treasure hunter pursue dashing Chinese criminal mastermind The Fearsome Doctor Fang. But when they discover Fang is working undercover, our trio must join forces to stop evil from awakening an ancient power.

Goodnight Paradise

Goodnight Paradise Studios Coronavirus

From the Eisner Award-nominated creators Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli comes a searing murder mystery. Unlikely homeless hero Eddie investigates the brutal murder of a runaway teenage girl. But can he alone bring her killer, or killers, to justice?


Sara comes from Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Punisher, The Boys) and Steve Epting (Velvet, Captain America). In the cold winter of 1942, Soviet sniper Sara and her comrades fight against Nazi invaders. But as the fighting intensifies, can their squad survive? Inspired by true events.

The 7 Deadly Sins

TKO 7 seven deadly sins

1867. The Wild West. A kidnapped child. A fallen priest. A deadly crew of death row criminals, led by an African American outlaw, who embarks on a bloody quest of redemption and revenge to gain what they’ve searched for their entire lives: Freedom.

Check out TKO for these and other stories that interest you! We all have the time to read now, and when you buy from TKO you’ll provide vital support to comic book stores that are now struggling. Go find these or other comics and provide that vital support!

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