Urnique Studio Releases New ‘Timelie’ Screens and Art

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Timelie Urnique Studio
Urnique Studio, the developer of the upcoming indie time manipulation puzzle game Timelie, today released new screenshots from the game, as well as a new artwork poster further showcasing the game’s main characters – a mysterious girl trapped in a world beyond time, and a cat who befriends her and may be her key to freedom.
Manipulate the unique Timelie ability to jump both backward and forward in time in order to unravel the mysteries of this surreal world. Solve puzzles and avoid enemies by planning your actions in parallel between the girl and the cat by looking into the future and glimpsing if your current course of action will result in disaster. Made a mistake? Just rewind time and try again. Experience unique cooperative gameplay in a single-player game. Coordinating together through each puzzle using the parallel planning system to complete each of their unique roles and overcome grave dangers.
Urnique Studio Timelie
Timelie is a cooperative adventure through time, which every precise moment of action is crucial. Use your abilities to solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of this abstract world. Only through teamwork can the girl and the cat find a way to escape. But, they have time. First conceived as a student project by a small team of developers in Bangkok, Thailand, early version of Timelie went on to receive recognition from a number of prestigious competitions, including “Winner – Best Game” at Microsoft’s 2019 Imagine Cup Student Development Competition, “Winner – Best Game” at the 2019 Thailand National Software Contest, and “Winner – Best Student Technical Project” at the 2019 Bangkok International Digital Content Festival.
Timelie is currently slated to release from Urnique Studio in Spring 2020 for PC.

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