Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge is Now Available

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Operation Void Edge

Today, Ubisoft announced that Operation Void Edge, the first season of Year 5 of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, is now available for PlayStation4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Windows PC, including UPLAY+, Ubisoft’s subscription service for Windows PC. Operation Void Edge brings two new Operators, Dutch Iana and Jordanian Oryx to the game. The Oregon map has been completely reworked to improve playability and aesthetics, alongside many other improvements. Finally, Ash is getting a full Lara Croft set, based on the iconic Tomb Raider character..

Owners of the Year 5 Pass can play with the new Operators immediately, while the rest of the players will be able to unlock these Operators starting March 17th using Renown or R6 Credits. Additional seasonal new content, including the Oregon map rework, are available for free to all players.

In Operation Void Edge, players will meet two new Operators. The first is Iana, a new Attacker from the Netherlands who uses the Gemini Replicator, a remotely-controlled holographic copy of herself. When she deploys it, she can scout ahead with little to no consequences. It can move and produce sound like she would, but it cannot shoot, melee or use secondary gadgets. The Replicator has a time limit or can be exited at any time. The Replicator is all about fooling Iana’s opponents as well as collecting information. If the Gemini is spotted and destroyed by a Defender, it can help Iana deduce the threat’s location, but it will buy her opponents a few precious seconds to reposition.

Second is Oryx, the new Defender from Jordania’s signature move is the Remah Dash. Its speed allows him to roam efficiently and cover short distances with unprecedented swiftness. It can also be used to knock down opponents. Oryx can also dash through breakable walls, creating a wide opening. Though, he loses health every time the Remah Dash is used for breaching. Additionally, Oryx has the unique ability to interact with broken hatches. He can climb straight through for a quick rotation, or he can hang on the edge to peek or wait for the perfect moment to go up. As long as he’s hanging, Oryx can also opt to drop down if the climb seems too dangerous.

The map reworks keep coming, and with Operation Void Edge, Oregon gets its turn. With an updated look, most areas are more open and structured. There are also new points of access and rotation. Big Tower now connects directly to Kitchen and a new area in the basement leads to the first floor. Some doors have also been removed.

Operation Void Edge

Additional Operation Void Edge updates include the following:

  • Barricade debris consistency: partially breaking a barricade with a weapon or a melee hit will now create much smaller debris.
  • Attacker’s drone spawn: the drone will now always spawn on the same side of the building as the one the player first chose its operator to spawn from.
  • Player Hub Changes: The Play Section is getting revamped.
  • Lesion and Twitch changes: Lesion will no longer be able to see his GU Mines through obstructions, and when an opposing Operator steps on a GU, there will no longer be any initial damage. However, each tick’s damage has been increased from 4 to 6. On Twitch side, her Shock Drone will now start with three shots, but it will have a cooldown. Its firing power has also been reduced to 1 point of damage.
  • Operators price decrease: Mira and Jackal’s prices will now be 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits, Lion and Finka’s go down to 15,000 Renown or 350 R6 Credits, while Mozzie and Gridlock’s costs will decrease to 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits.
  • Void Edge Weapon skins: Three new seasonal weapon skins will be available this season, each with their own unique style. First, the sleek Saber Carbe. Second, the playful Clog Dance and third, the colorful River Scale.
  • Year 5 Pass: The Year pass includes access to six new Year 5 Operators and six new exclusive headgears and uniforms for them. Players will also get the same VIP perks as always. As a thank you gift to Year 4 Pass owners, who renew their Pass for Year 5, we also offer 600 R6 Credits, as well as 2 Legendary and 3 Epic Alpha Packs.

Finally, a new elite set has also been added for Ash: Tomb Raider. Ash will don the identity of Lara Croft, and she’ll do the work that entails: jumping headfirst into danger for the greater good. Explore every corner of every map with Ash’s Lara Croft uniform, headgear, victory animation, gadget and weapon skins.

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