STATIONflow, the latest game from Tak Fujii

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DMM GAMES and legendary game producer Tak Fujii (Ninety-Nine Nights IIGal Metal), announced today the launch date for its latest project, STATIONflow. Currently, in Early Access on SteamSTATIONflow will launch worldwide on Steam on April 15, 2020 – and challenges players to manage the continuous non-stop flow of passengers by designing and building the ultimate and most efficient metro station.

Build complex 3D layouts, guide passengers to their destinations with signage, keep customers happy by meeting their needs, and don’t forget to stay within budget! With a free-form building system, the only limits to your ideal station is your imagination. Drag and adjust the size and shapes of corridors and platforms with no limits from a grid structure and build your ultimate dream subway station!

“I am excited to share our latest project today,” said STATIONflow producer Tak Fujii. “This is a game created by a small team with big ideas and a big heart – and wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and hard work from game director Szabó Marcell.  I hope players enjoy it, and I challenge everyone to make over one million passengers happy!”

For the latest news on STATIONflow, be sure to follow game producer Tak Fujii on Twitter – and the STATIONflowteam on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

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