Mondo Unveils Plans for Marvel’s Fantastic Four

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Fantastic Four

Mondo is excited to announce their official license for Marvel’s First Family: The Fantastic Four. For the first time ever, and available at beginning March 5, the pop culture shop unveils products across categories for the popular comic characters. Created by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, these “heroes with hang-ups” and their iconic cast of supporting characters represent a beloved corner of the Marvel Universe and are truly near and dear to Mondo’s comic-loving hearts. More than any other of Marvel’s Silver Age heroes, the FANTASTIC FOUR transcends traditional costumed heroics, instead of focusing on stories about a tight-knit family of adventurers.

In addition to posters, there are a handful of other offerings for the First Family. Mondo is happy to finally be able to meet the amazing demand for Tom Whalen’s longstanding Marvel enamel pin series with all-new pins featuring brilliant scientist: MR. FANTASTIC, the world’s most powerful woman: THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, her hot-headed brother: THE HUMAN TORCH, and everyone’s favorite cantankerous pilot: THE THING! To stand alongside them is a gorgeous, polished metal SILVER SURFER pin, against the Lifebringer, GALACTUS, in a tastefully oversized pin. Finally, every good hero needs a great villain, and there truly is none greater than DOCTOR DOOM!

And last but not least, Mondo is excited to announce an additional Marvel-inspired vinyl slipmat with a new FANTASTIC FOUR slipmat! Designed by Bruce Yan, this slipmat features the team’s iconic ‘4’ logo on Side A and the infamous Doctor Doom on Side B.

Stan and Jack’s (and John Byrne’s!) tales of Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben, have left a lasting legacy in the Marvel Universe and Mondo is thrilled to continue creating work and adding to their fantastic legacy. These are the first of several collectible products to come in the FANTASTIC FOUR Mondo Collection.

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