Mad Cave Comic Retailer Relief Fund Update

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Mad Cave Comic Retailer Relief Fund

Mad Cave Studios announced that they have been humbled by the support and donations to the relief fund for retailers over these last couple of weeks. They are happy to see such enthusiasm towards supporting others in their time of need.

The Comic Book Retailer COVID-19 Relief Fund, with the goal to help out local comic book shops that are struggling in these turbulent times. Many businesses, especially comic shops, are already feeling the repercussions of the city and state shutdowns following the global pandemic. This fundraiser will provide a one-time donation to comic shops across the U.S. to help mitigate health risks, keep their employees on payroll, and ultimately keep the lights on. The funds will be evenly distributed to those retailers in need, making sure that the most affected by this crisis receive help.

In an effort to do, even more, Mad Cave announced that once the GoFundMe hits $15,000 they will be making all Issue #2s available for download through our website along with the #1s that are currently available for free. Currently, you can visit Mad Cave’s website to get access, for free, to their #1 issues.

Mad Cave Studios is an independent comic book publisher based out of Miami, Florida that was established in 2014. Mad Cave has published five series, Battlecats, Midnight Task Force, Knights of the Golden Sun, Honor and Curse and Show’s End.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks from Mad Cave to see how readers, publishers, and retailers can all come together to support the lifeblood of the comics industry.

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