Episode 33: Beastars (2020) – Are We Furries Now?

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This week our hosts dive into the world of Beastarsthe Netflix Original anime from studio Orange and ask the questions: are we furries now? While the anime has been out in Japan since late last year, the high school romance-mystery-thriller-drama anime made its way to the States on March 13th. In this episode, we discuss what we love about the Beastars anime, why we both felt like we needed to read the next 100 chapters of manga immediately after finishing the season, and even get into a conversation about codeswitching as Black and brown women in white spaces.

But of course, in our usual style we also thirst over the tall broad gray wolf, and discuss the hornier elements of the Beastars anime before we jump into the interesting questions the series answers and discuss what happens later in the manga.

About the Beastars anime: The Netflix original blends genres, incorporating tropes from high school dramas, shonen, and noir anime. In the series, we follow Legosi after he gives into his feral instincts and attacks a fellow student, Haru. A swarf rabbit, Haru has a promiscuous reputation at the school, but that doesn’t matter to Legosi as he begins to fall in love with her and discover realities about being a carnivore and tries to forge his own path against destiny.

Looking to check out the manga? Head over to Viz Media’s site.

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