REVIEW: ‘Legion of Super-Heroes,’ Issue #5

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Legion of Super-Heroes #5
Legion of Super-Heroes #5 is published by DC Comics, written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Ryan Sook, Scott Godlewski and Wade von Grawbadger, colors by Jordie Bellaire and letters by Dave Sharpe. With Jon Kent’s orientation interrupted by the Science Police, the Legion finds itself in a standoff.  They need to find a way to deescalate the situation. And Jon Kent still needs to learn why he has been brought to the future.

After a bit of a meandering start, it feels like Legion of Super-Heroes #5 is the beginning of the book’s true story. With the intergalactic government closing in on them, everything that has been seeded in previous issues definitely feels like it’s coming together. I feel this is the moment when we see if Bendis has set us up for an awesome adventure, or if the stall tactics he’s implemented in previous issues will be reused to death.

This book also provides the answer to why Jon is in the future. No spoilers, but it’s big. Its revelation had me feeling for Jon in an extremely deep way. While he is no stranger to peril, this is something that gives any hero pause. While the recent Unity Saga in Superman forces Jon to grow up, this feels set to truly make him become a hero.

Legion of Super-Heroes #5 also gives us more understanding of the four characters who stand at the center of the Legion. Understanding Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5 is an enlightening experience. There is a level of nuance with these characters that continues to surprise me. Bendis outdoes himself with these characters.

Legion of Super-Heroes 5

The art in this book continues to have a strong presence on the pages. Sook, Godlewski, and Grawbadger all come together to provide a fluid and impactful visual narrative. Every moment is given it’s due on these pages. Nowhere is this truer than on the final page. As Saturn Girl attempts to help Jon process his newfound knowledge, both are portrayed in a way that feels vulnerable and utterly human. This grounded humanity is always wonderful to see, no matter how over the top the setting or story may be.

Bellaire’s colors further enhance this attempt to balance character and setting in Legion of Super-Heroes #5. The colors on display bear a distinctive muting to their tones. This allows the color pallet to have the broad spectrum it wants with which to provide a futuristic feel. Meanwhile, it still reinforces the grounded mood of the story.

Finally, Sharpe executes his lettering with just the right touch. Never letting the dialogue get in the way of the art allows both to enhance each other. It is often easy to overlook good lettering, but its proper handling facilitates a story’s delivery immensely.

In the end, Legion of Super-Heroes #5 puts what I hope are the final pieces of its narrative into place. With the plot feeling ready to escalate, I look forward to next month’s issue.

Legion of Super-Heroes #5 is available March 25th wherever comics are sold.

Legion of Super-Heroes #5


In the end, Legion of Super-Heroes #5 puts what I hope are the final pieces of it’s narrative into place. With the plot feeling ready to escalate I look forward to next month’s issue.

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